Kids White/Pink Jet package

it was: 340.00

This is a special Kids Blue Jet package. The Jet boot is fully heat moldable and is made on a child friendly last.

This skate may ship with G14 or G15 wheels depending on your location. The G14 and G15 wheels are the same apart from the print. 
- Jet Boot in Pink or Blue
- 688 baby bont Bearings with 688 adapters
- S-frame in 11.92" (Sizes 1-3)
- S-frame in 12.5" (Sizes 3.5-4)

11.92" frame that can fit up to 100mm wheels for sizes 1-3 and 12.5" frame that fits 100mm wheels for sizes 3.5-4. 

Check the price at the top of the page as it changes depending on the options you select below.

The wheel in the picture is not G3/G14.

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