GTA with spots(pr)

it was: 220.00
***This item is only available to ship to address' within the USA***

Stock is strictly limited and this offer will be removed once stock runs out.

The GTA is our mid range blade. It combines a quality 6061 aluminum tube with extremely high quality Japanese steel. The steel is hardened to 58 Rockwell. These blades have Bonts' patented machine bend so your blades will never lose their bend. This particular blade has some light spots on the steel. They will not affect the performance in any way but they mean that we can not sell them as new blades so we are offering them at a crazy low price. 


Lengths: 14" 15" 16"

Hardness: 58 Rockwel

Steel: Japanese Carbon Steel

Mounting: 165mm

Cup Material: Carbon Fiber

Tube Material: 6061 T6 Aluminum

Blade Thickness: 1.2mm

Bend: Patented machine Bend

Radius: 9m

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