$499.00 $750.00

Mount separation: 195mm Wheel size: 125mm
Selected Color :
Siren Red
Totally Lime
The Vaypor is Bont's premium racing boot. It is made with the best materials available such as unidirectional Toray carbon and an ultra lightweight Durolite outer skin. The Vaypor is a one piece boot meaning that it is made from the inside out with all of the layers bonded together. The boot is built around Bont's famous last (foot shape) based on a true anatomical design. The padding is memory foam that does not absorb water or sweat. Large eyelets dissipate pressure from the laces. The tongue has a velcro placeholder. The front of the boot is protected by a TPU protector which has air ventilation to keep your feet cool. The boot is construced with Bont's epoxy resin which is the most heat moldable resin on the market. 

Color Options:

Vaypor 2PT 195mm - red/black(No Toe Box)

Front Panel: Siren Red
Rear Panel: Matte Black
Lace Cover: Siren Red
Velcro Strap: Siren Red
Tongue: Siren Red
Graphics: White
Stitching : White
Laces : Black

Vaypor 2PT 195mm - green/black(No Toe Box)
Front Panel: Totally Lime
Rear Panel: Matte Black
Lace Cover: Totally Lime
Velcro Strap: Totally Lime
Tongue: Totally Lime
Graphics: White
Stitching : White
Laces : Black


  • Base:  Carbon with uni directional carbon and matte finish
  • Outer Skin:  Durolite
  • Liner:  Durolite or Suede-L
  • Pitch:  12mm
  • Air Vents:  Toe and tongue
  • Innersole:  EVA thermo-moldable
  • Heat Moldable:  Fully Heat Moldable Base Utilizing Epoxy Thermoset Resin
  • Padding:  Medium Density Memory Foam
  • Buckle:  Microadjustable